The One Church Fund will open for applications when we have met the initial goal of $50,000. We are beginning our fundraising effort on May 1, 2020.

Through the One Church Fund, the Massachusetts Council of Churches prioritizes the financial, practical, and relational support of immigrant, Black, poor, unhoused, and unaffiliated churches. If your church identifies in one of these ways, please send an email to and we will let you know when the One Church Fund is open for applications.

A diverse team of Church leaders is stewarding the One Church Fund effort. If you have time and capacity to share in this work, please send an email to

We know you are doing critical ministry now and need money now. Please know we are working and praying hard to ensure you get the resources you need to do the ministry that only you can do.

While we are seeking funds, we encourage you to pray for generosity and abundance. Also, please share and seek out the skills in the Mutual Aid section, the Massachusetts Council of Churches COVID19 resource page and our Facebook page for regular updates.